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10 Reasons why to use your domain name email – NOT your ISP

If you are using a domain name that looks like this: rather than like this: then changing to the latter will help you market your business and look more professional. 1. Seeing an ISP (Internet Service Provider) email address on a business card or the side of a company vehicle gives the impression […]

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What to write on your About Us page

You have your copy totally nailed for your home page. Your sales pitch for the Products page has been tried and tested. Contact page: easy. Done in 5 minutes. The About Us page… blank. Why is it so hard? Well, it turns out it’s actually quite difficult to strike a good balance between bragging and […]

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Custom built versus template website design

Many small businesses believe that building their own website using a template will save them money. This may be true to begin with, but there are many reasons why in the long run this may not be the case. Here are our thoughts on why you should avoid using a template website: 1. Professional image […]

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How not to lose customers. It’s your call …

Would you ignore 8 out of 10 potential customers? Turn a blind eye to their attempts to contact you? Of course, few people running a business would answer “Yes” to these questions. Yet, that’s exactly what many are doing … by failing to be available to answer calls, most often while being busy during the […]

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Web design and the business benefits that dreams are made of …

It’s early on a Monday morning. The Bath Business Web phone rings. And the caller says: “I realise I can’t afford not to have my site created and hosted by you. “Your website design is creative and professional, which is exactly what I need. “And you have a proven track-record of getting sites onto the […]

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Professional websites vs DIY sites

A DIY website is a  service that allows you to choose a template, add a logo, some images and some text, and have a fully-functioning website in minutes. But you have to be careful, there are a couple of things you should know about these sites. You don’t own a DIY website. The content is yours, […]

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Basic advice for posting on Facebook

After talking to several clients, trying to understand their needs and questions, I started to notice something. A lot of them understand the importance of Social Media in their business and have an advanced idea of things as SEO, traffic to your website and the importance of interaction. But they are missing the basic information about […]

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Appreciating the front pages of Google

How many of you understand the front page of Google’s search results?   There is a mighty battle going on between us Web Masters and Google’s algorithms. We try constantly to keep up with the changes that Google make and we at Bath Business Web have proved on hundreds of occasions how hard we work […]

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Do you think to yourself “Oh, well… I don’t need a website”?

“Oh, well… I don’t need a website. I get all my business “word of mouth” is a phrase we often hear. If you find yourself thinking this, then it is worth considering the following points:   How much security am I offering a new client? For example, if you have a website you can have […]

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