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Website design in Bath

Responsive design

We are a web design company in the heart of Bath Spa, our team of experts ensure that every client receives a bespoke solution that is developed for the best user experience across all mobile devices.  With ever increasing numbers of people using mobile devices to access the internet it is essential that a website works well on all of these devices.

We bring a wealth of experience to website design including search engine optimisation skills (SEO) and have produced hundreds of front page results for clients which provide optimal business opportunities as a result.

Our aim is to provide a positive experience for visitors to your company website – whether it is a simple brochure or an e-commerce site, so that they stay on your site longer, return frequently and share it with their contacts.

To see more of our web design work step into our online studio, or if you are in Bath visit our office, located in its historic centre, for a free web design consultation.

Our Bath business web directories

We operate the South West’s largest network of online directories. Our directories list thousands of local businesses and help local people to find organisations in their area.

A business listing will include all relevant contact information, a hyperlink to your website, the ability to find your location via Google Maps and a brief overview of your company, products and services.

Take a look at our directory to see how your organisation can find a wider target audience and benefit from inclusion in our online listings.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO signposts your website to the key search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing by complying to their search criteria.

Bath Website Design’s SEO experts keep ahead of developments in this area, which means our clients websites enjoy superior ranking in search engines like Google:

Search Term Google Rank Client Results
Flooring, Bath Page 1 Bath Contract Flooring


out of 515 million
Roofers Bath Position 1 Chris Pritchard


out of 1,010,000
Florists Bath Page 1 Bath Spa Florists


out of 4,760,000
Coach Holidays Bath Page 1 John Martin Coaches


out of 2 million
Loft conversions Bath Page 1 Future Building Solutions


out of 2.5 million
Tiles Chippenham Page 1 The Tile Gallery


out of 117000
Plumbers Trowbridge Page 1 Mike Holloway Plumbing


out of 63700

Note: these are only a very, very small sample, view more!