Archive | November, 2014

Appreciating the front pages of Google

How many of you understand the front page of Google’s search results?   There is a mighty battle going on between us Web Masters and Google’s algorithms. We try constantly to keep up with the changes that Google make and we at Bath Business Web have proved on hundreds of occasions how hard we work […]

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Five steps to get into social media

In this article, you can find 5 useful tips about getting started with social media. So, lets start! Choose the social network that applies the most to your business: This starts with asking yourself who is your audience. If they are young people between 12 and 18, maybe your best choice should be Instagram. But, […]

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Why we ask for a budget

Comprehending the scope of a project is all about understanding the needs, desires and budget of the client. This rule applies to all projects, whether a business is selling cars, furniture, clothing etc. One important factor in tailoring a website to a clients needs is to consider the demographic of the business, reaching the right […]

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