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Basic advice for posting on Facebook

After talking to several clients, trying to understand their needs and questions, I started to notice something. A lot of them understand the importance of Social Media in their business and have an advanced idea of things as SEO, traffic to your website and the importance of interaction. But they are missing the basic information about […]

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Five steps to get into social media

In this article, you can find 5 useful tips about getting started with social media. So, lets start! Choose the social network that applies the most to your business: This starts with asking yourself who is your audience. If they are young people between 12 and 18, maybe your best choice should be Instagram. But, […]

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Five steps to start a blog about your business

  If you want to start a blog about your business, you should consider reading these 5 steps. Think about the topics that you and your audience have in common. For example, if you are selling coffee machines and your audience is interested in coffee recipes, you could talk about the unique recipes that can […]

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