10 Reasons why to use your domain name email – NOT your ISP

If you are using a domain name that looks like this: yourname@nullbtinternet.com rather than like this: yourname@nullyourbusinessname.com then changing to the latter will help you market your business and look more professional.

1. Seeing an ISP (Internet Service Provider) email address on a business card or the side of a company vehicle gives the impression that you aren’t really a business, but a person selling a product or service.

2. As email address accounts from companies like Yahoo, Hotmail and ISPs are free, it could also give the impression that the business is struggling and could fold at any minute. Not good news.

3. People are more likely to remember a domain name email address. People have come to expect the business name to come after the @ sign, and if they’ve met you they’re likely to know your name and business name. They don’t know what ISP you have though, and neither should they need to!

4. Having a domain name email helps market your business. It helps cement the company name in people’s minds and promotes your brand, not the brand of your ISP or free email account provider.

5. Do you find yourself ending up in people’s Junk folder? Do you send out newsletters and find you have a low open rate? This could be down to the email address it comes from. Having an ISP email address looks more spammy and is more likely to be classed as such.

6. If you change ISP, you will lose your email address. You will need to reprint your business cards, letterheads, invoice templates, flyers etc. (or cross out the email address and manually write it on!)

7. You will also run the risk of losing emails once you’ve changed ISPs, as people will still have your old email on their mail program. You could miss out on leads and sales as a result.

8. If you have a number of staff set up with emails on your ISP, and they leave, you do not have control of their email account. However, with domain name email addresses you can take control. You can set the emails to automatically forward to yours or a different address, thereby ensuring a smooth transition process for customers and new employees.

9. Presumably if you’re a business, you already have a website (but if you don’t and you’re looking to get one, speak to us). Email addresses are usually included in hosting packages so you’re probably already paying for the functionality to have them and not using them!

10. If you think it’s too complicated to change, it really isn’t. Call your website designer and they should be able to help you. Or if you are no longer in contact with them, give us a call on 01225 920 503 and we’d be happy to help you out.