What to write on your About Us page

about us

You have your copy totally nailed for your home page. Your sales pitch for the Products page has been tried and tested. Contact page: easy. Done in 5 minutes.

The About Us page… blank.

Why is it so hard? Well, it turns out it’s actually quite difficult to strike a good balance between bragging and letting your innate awesomeness shine brightly.

Perhaps it would be easier not to bother. However, that would be a huge missed opportunity. Did you know that analytics often show the About page as one of the most visited pages on any website?

It’s quite simple: people come to your About page to seal the deal. They want to know you are the right company for them to spend their money with.

The internet is a dauntingly large place: people have become very selective about which sites they choose to patronise.

People generally want to know:

  • Is your company big or small?
  • What are your beliefs, passions and core values?
  • Who started the company?
  • Who runs the company now? Who works there?
  • Why was the company started?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is the company’s story?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • Do you have any awards or cool publicity?
  • Who do you work with/alongside?
  • Why should they buy from you and not someone else?

You may not need to address all of the above, but answering at least some of those questions will be a great starting point. There are some other things to consider, about your writing style and the content of the page, which will also help you stand out.


Who is your audience? Do you know who your customers are? And I don’t mean ‘anyone who needs the kind of thing you sell’ – I mean really drill down and find out what makes them tick. What their problems are, what their dreams are.

Knowing this kind of stuff will mean you can write an About Us page that they find interesting to read and makes them think “wow, these guys are totally on my wave length.” And hopefully they will follow that with, “Let me just find my wallet.”

Human – Not Corporate

Now you know who they are, speak to them as if you are actually having a conversation with them. Formal, stuffy language isn’t likely to make them warm to you, but friendly tones with injections of humour will.

Also avoid using jargon that some people may not understand. It is a sure fire way to make people switch off. You think everyone knows what SEO stands for? Think again.

Make It Different

Is there a way you can design the About Us page so it looks different to the traditional text/images layout? Can you make it interactive? If you have video that explains what the company is, add it here.

Add moving parts, flip boxes, fun icons and images to create a more interesting space in which to tell your story. Your web designer should be able to help you achieve what you need and create something original.

Include Testimonials, Awards and Press

Not very good at blowing your own trumpet? Then let others do it for you.

This is the space where you show off your trophies, so adding awards, press and testimonials from happy customers is just the thing to impress and build trust with your potential new customers. Your own words may not be enough to convince them, but when they see what others think of you, it gives you an added layer of credibility in their eyes. Adding the names of any well known companies who have worked with you will also look impressive.

Tell Your Story

Is there an interesting story behind how you started your business? Perhaps you might not think it is, but once you explain your idea and philosophy, you’d be surprised by how many people will identify with it. Perhaps you had an internal struggle, or a friend told you they were struggling with something, or you fulfilled a life long dream.

There are many reasons people start a business; being open about your reasons can give yours a human edge.

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

It’s nice to put a face to a name. Adding pictures of you and your team helps build a picture of the human side of the business. Rather than sticking to stiff, boring mug shots, try using photos that look natural. Smiling, laughing and standing in natural poses looks much more human and, therefore, endearing.

People do business with people they trust and like, after all.

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