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Five steps to get the right traffic to your website

Now that you have your own website, you’re wondering how to make your audience visit it. Well, here you have five useful tips. Getting the right traffic in your website requires… Using the right words: understand your customer’s way of searching. What words would he or she use to find you? Making a presence in social […]

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Five steps to start a blog about your business

  If you want to start a blog about your business, you should consider reading these 5 steps. Think about the topics that you and your audience have in common. For example, if you are selling coffee machines and your audience is interested in coffee recipes, you could talk about the unique recipes that can […]

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What does SEO mean

 _______ When you’re looking for something on the web, like a new pair of shoes or the review of a movie, you usually go to Google (or another search page). Most of the times, you choose the first results you get, from the first page. How many times do you go to the second or […]

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Do I need a Facebook Page?

So many people around you are starting to use Facebook as a tool for their business, but maybe you still feel uncertain about how it works, how would it help your business and what would you do with it? In this article you’ll find a series of simple questions that would help you to find […]

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ecommerce basics

Considering an e-commerce website

Did you know that 10.6% of the total retail sales in the UK are made via e-commerce? It is really simple, e-commerce is the way to sell your products online. There are different types of e-commerce; online shopping, electronic payments, Internet banking, online ticketing. But they all work in the same way, providing customers and […]

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Why it is useful to be in a reputable business online directory

To start talking about a business online directory, we have to ask you a simple question. Do you remember those days when a big yellow book arrived at your house, with all the telephone numbers and addresses of businesses in the town? Well, now times have changed and business online directories have replaced the paper […]

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