What does SEO mean




When you’re looking for something on the web, like a new pair of shoes or the review of a movie, you usually go to Google (or another search page). Most of the times, you choose the first results you get, from the first page. How many times do you go to the second or third page? Probably not that many?. That also happens with potential customers for your business – when they don’t find your website in the first page of results, they go straight to the competition.

To summarise, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making a website visible  in a search engine, without paying for advertising (Google Adwords).

How SEO works.

The journey of SEO starts with trying to really understand your customer’s way of searching. There’s a few questions that can help you start in this long process.

  1. What words would he/she use?
  2. What words are you actually using in your website?
  3. How many times do you mention the keywords of your business?
  4. Which words or terms are bringing the wrong audience into your website?

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