Why we ask for a budget

why we ask for a budget

Comprehending the scope of a project is all about understanding the needs, desires and budget of the client. This rule applies to all projects, whether a business is selling cars, furniture, clothing etc.

One important factor in tailoring a website to a clients needs is to consider the demographic of the business, reaching the right demographic can improve the average time people stay on a site, this in turn will improve your overall Google page ranking. We always take this into account, but it is something that often-times gets overlooked when trying to build a website on the cheap

A clear understanding of your budget does not mean that we will demand that price; this is not the way Bath Business Web works.

Whatever your budget we are only going to build the website that you want and the website your company needs. We believe that part of our function is to advise you on the best way to market your business and the best type of web product for you needs. Tailoring a website to meet the needs of the client means every website we produce is bespoke

At Bath Business Web we don’t just build websites, we look after our clients and build a long term relationship which is why many of our clients have been with us since the launch of our business ten years ago.

We say ‘how can you possibly price up on the phone if you haven’t met the client, listened to their needs and services and then able to and advise them on the best route to take’.

By the same token trying to build a website solely based on budget can often lead to cheap looking, poorly performing websites that reflect badly on your business – people are unlikely to use a business that is uninterested in its own perception (remember the phrase the first impression is a lasting impression).

As a website design business that has been running for nearly ten years we have lost count of the number of people who have approached us when their existing site is failing to attract traffic. In many cases it is because budget is the only driving factor and the website builder, working on the cheap, has failed to engage with the needs and desires of the client and inevitably programmatic corners have been cut. While we try to do our best to salvage a website when we get asked “is there anything you can do make our website work properly”, this is not always possible and in the majority of instances, we are forced to start all over again.

In summary, to build a successful website we need to fully understand you and your business and understanding your budget restraints is an important factor when scoping out your project and developing a digital strategy