A tour around Facebook Page Insights

1. You can find Page Insights at the top of the page. It is the perfect place to learn about your posts, followers, the best hours to post and lots more things. Remember they are available after at least 30 people like your Page.



2. Page Insights has seven tabs, the first one is OVERVIEW. There you’ll see everything that has happened to your page in the last week, the three statistical graphs show thethe new likes you had (LIKES), the number of people who saw your posts (POST REACH) and the number of people who engaged with them (ENGAGEMENT).

When we talk about engagement, we are talking about the amount of people who liked, shared, clicked or commented a post on your page.



3. The second tab is LIKES and it gives us a complete overview of the people who like our page. In the right corner, you can easily change the date to see the growth of likes in weeks, months or even years.



4. The third tab is REACH and it reveals the amount of people who saw your posts. Again, you can change the dates on the top right corner. This graph also allows you to see the difference between the posts you advertised and the ones that you didn’t.



5. The fifth tab is POSTS. I consider it very interesting because it shows us the best days and hours to post. Do you know which one is the best hour for you to post? Every business page is different.



6. The seventh tab is PEOPLE.  It’s a direct way to understand more about your customers and followers, it reveals how many are men or women, what is their age, where are they from, what language they speak, etc.