How to use your website like a pro!


You’ve done it….you’ve eventually brought your website into the 21st century with a brand spanking new look, new images and copy to die for. It also looks like it could be featuring on Google’s front page…. “AWOOHOO” I hear you shout and yes, you should be happy, for your web design company have put a lot of hard work in, with some great design and some cracking Search Engine Optimisation skills (clearly you came to us) creating a great site….now it’s your turn to keep your website performing at its best.

Follow our 8 step guide to keep your website updated and performing at its best.

* People want to see your recently completed projects and finished products so keep your website up to date with some great images. Videos also work extremely well but it’s important they are of a good quality.

*If you move premises, change your phone number or email address make sure your website is amended so you can still be found.

*Do you write a blog? This can be a great way to keep people informed about your business, updating them about new products, any business achievements and industry news, even the ins and outs of daily life in your company. Google+ is a great place to share your blog, Google likes everything connected with Google!

*Registering your business with online directories is a great way to drive traffic to your website and be seen by a greater audience.

*Send an email out to all of your existing and any potential customers to tell them you’ve had a new website and that they should have a look.

*Get going on Social Media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, regularly posting interesting content connected with your business shows you’re active and current. Make sure you include a call to action on each post (your web address). Many people use social media as a search engine or to see reviews about your company.

*Unify your company branding. If your nice new website has a nice new logo then this needs to be on all stationary all company vehicles, shop fronts, labels and across your social media channels.

*Having relevant business’s link to your site can be great for Google’s robots when they are crawling for information, helping drive more traffic to your site. It works the other way too, get out there and get your business linked to others. Beware random links are not helpful, make them relevant.

Utilising the above advice will certainly give your website a good head start, why not create a weekly/monthly schedule so you are constantly monitoring all aspects.

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