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Professional websites vs DIY sites

A DIY website is a  service that allows you to choose a template, add a logo, some images and some text, and have a fully-functioning website in minutes. But you have to be careful, there are a couple of things you should know about these sites. You don’t own a DIY website. The content is yours, […]

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Basic advice for posting on Facebook

After talking to several clients, trying to understand their needs and questions, I started to notice something. A lot of them understand the importance of Social Media in their business and have an advanced idea of things as SEO, traffic to your website and the importance of interaction. But they are missing the basic information about […]

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Appreciating the front pages of Google

How many of you understand the front page of Google’s search results?   There is a mighty battle going on between us Web Masters and Google’s algorithms. We try constantly to keep up with the changes that Google make and we at Bath Business Web have proved on hundreds of occasions how hard we work […]

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Do you think to yourself “Oh, well… I don’t need a website”?

“Oh, well… I don’t need a website. I get all my business “word of mouth” is a phrase we often hear. If you find yourself thinking this, then it is worth considering the following points:   How much security am I offering a new client? For example, if you have a website you can have […]

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Why we ask for a budget

Comprehending the scope of a project is all about understanding the needs, desires and budget of the client. This rule applies to all projects, whether a business is selling cars, furniture, clothing etc. One important factor in tailoring a website to a clients needs is to consider the demographic of the business, reaching the right […]

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Do I need a Facebook Page?

So many people around you are starting to use Facebook as a tool for their business, but maybe you still feel uncertain about how it works, how would it help your business and what would you do with it? In this article you’ll find a series of simple questions that would help you to find […]

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Considering an e-commerce website

Did you know that 10.6% of the total retail sales in the UK are made via e-commerce? It is really simple, e-commerce is the way to sell your products online. There are different types of e-commerce; online shopping, electronic payments, Internet banking, online ticketing. But they all work in the same way, providing customers and […]

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